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Kelly Che Bio
Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Kelly is a classically trained singer and musician who first made her mark on the Los Angeles scene as a well-recognized DJ of several local Korean radio stations. She also discovered she loved singing jazz. Kelly refined her craft preforming weekly shows in Los Angeles as well as special events throughout the Southland. During her musical travels, she has collaborated with the likes of John Clayton and Oscar Hernandez. Her debut album, “Collage” featuring notable LA Jazz artists including Edward Resto, Ramon Stagnaro, Joe Rotondi, Joey De Leon, Walter Rodriguez and Harry Kim, is an eclectic mix of musical styles and traditions that creates a transformative listening experience for music lovers of all nationalities. As one reviewer recently put it, “This gorgeous girl from Korea may be a long way from home, but you would never know it after hearing how ‘at home’ she is with this diverse musical mix.”